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What is SpoonfulONE?

SpoonfulONE is a daily food (Mix-ins, Puffs, and Oat Crackers) made with the same 16 foods that commonly cause food allergies in children. Every SpoonfulONE product has a purpose: to help train your baby's growing tummy with a multi-food introduction. Created by a leading pediatric allergist, SpoonfulONE is based on landmark research as well as proprietary studies. Designed specifically for early food allergen introduction, each serving includes all of the food groups responsible for over 90% of food allergies.


Each product includes a spoonful of 16 foods — small amounts of peanuts, milk, shellfish (shrimp), tree nuts (almond, cashew, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio, and walnut), egg, fish (cod and salmon), grains (wheat and oat), soy, and sesame. It takes repeated dietary exposure over time to allow your baby’s immune system to grow up accustomed to a diverse range of foods.


To learn more, watch this video! 



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