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My child has been diagnosed with a food allergy. Can they still take SpoonfulONE?

SpoonfulONE should not be taken by a child who has already been diagnosed with a food allergy to any of the ingredients included in our product. Talk with your child’s allergist about ways to incorporate other common allergens into your baby or child’s diet. At this time, we do not offer variations of SpoonfulONE with different ingredients.


Each serving of our product contains the same 16 foods (30mg of each) most commonly associated with over 90% of food allergies: peanuts, milk, shellfish (shrimp), tree nuts (almond, cashew, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio, and walnut), egg, fish (cod and salmon), grains (wheat and oat), soy, and sesame. 


Please consult your healthcare provider for questions about existing food allergies.



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