Is it safe to introduce all potential allergens at once?

Yes. SpoonfulOne was created by a leading pediatric allergist and born out of landmark research in the food allergy field. The world of food allergy research began to change around 2015 with the LEAP study. The LEAP study showed that including peanut protein in an infant’s diet for five years reduced allergy risk by 80% compared to avoidance. Shortly after, the EAT study was published showing that including a diversity of potentially allergenic proteins was safe (more than just peanut). It further showed the rate of any food allergy was reduced by 2/3 in people who followed the inclusion protocol. These studies had such an impact that the Adverse Reactions to Foods Task Force changed their guidelines around inclusion, stating that potential allergenic foods can be safely fed to infants starting at 4-6 months. All the while, our founder, Dr. Kari Nadeau, was doing her own proprietary research in the field, yielding SpoonfulOne. Our Foundational Food Blend is based on research with both infants and children up to 10 years of age. Further, in a research study with over 700 infants conducted at Northwestern University, zero allergic reactions were reported to our product.

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