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If my child has a reaction, how will I know which ingredient caused it?

If your child already has a food allergy to one of the foods included in SpoonfulONE, it is possible, although rare, for a reaction to occur on first feeding. The two most common food allergy reactions in infants and toddlers are hives or vomiting immediately after eating.

If your child does have a reaction, determining if your child has a food allergy will take further evaluation from a pediatrician and/or allergist. You’ll review together what foods your child is eating without reactions and narrow down testing to remaining possible food ingredients. However, the far majority of children with food allergies typically have reactions after eating higher protein levels than those included in SpoonfulONE. We precisely portioned each of the 16 food proteins in our products to be small (30mg), yet impactful enough for the baby’s earliest feedings.


To learn more, watch this video.



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