Why should I give my child SpoonfulOne?

Over the last generation, food allergies became more and more common. Food allergies can develop in babies over time due to environmental factors. A part of this environmental story begins with a baby’s diet. Leading research shows that early and regular exposure to foods like peanut may reduce the risk of a child developing an allergy to that food. However, there are eight foods causing over 90% of food allergies: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy. SpoonfulOne contains all of these foods in small, safe and effective amounts so your child grows accustomed to potential food allergens over time. Our Mix-in and Puffs make it easy for you to proactively and consistently include a diverse range of real foods into your child’s diet without the worry of measuring or preparation. Beginning as early as 4-months-old and fed daily for a year, SpoonfulOne helps build a strong nutritional foundation for your child and can help protect him or her from developing a food allergy.*

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