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My older child (or partner or myself) already has a food allergy. Is SpoonfulONE safe to be around for people with an existing food allergy?

Yes, you can safely feed your infant SpoonfulONE even if someone in your household is allergic to one of the ingredients.


SpoonfulONE is packed in self-contained, single-serving heavy-duty foil film packets to limit cross-contamination and make disposal easy after feeding. The packets are manufactured in a facility that handles all food allergens and thus, there could be trace amounts of the foods on the outside of the packaging. Similar to peanut butter on the shelf of a grocery store next to jelly, or rice crackers in the snack aisle next to a snack mix that contains soy, wheat, or nuts.


Families and physicians who are managing, already diagnosed with severe food allergies, should exercise the same care handling SpoonfulONE as they would in other environments where allergens are present.


As a reminder, SpoonfulONE should not be taken by anyone who has already been diagnosed with a food allergy.



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