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How can I see the shipping status and tracking of my orders?

You should receive a shipping confirmation email when your order is shipped, including the tracking number. However you can login to your account to see all your orders, shipping status, tracking, and sign up for text updates about your deliveries. 

1. Navigate to Click on the “Account” icon on the top right corner of the page. If you aren’t already logged in, please do so now.



2. On your Account page, you can see the details within the columns for your full order history, date of order, fulfillment status, and total.



3. Click on the Order number to see detailed information about each specific order, including tracking information, shipping carrier, and quick access to re-order. 



4. Click on the tracking number to see shipping update and details of delivery.



5. On the shipping details page, you can see the delivery status and estimated delivery date, shipping carrier, and tracking number. You will also have the option to add your mobile number to receive text notifications about your delivery.



**Please note, if you are logging in for the first time and the login page says "No account found with that email", your account has not yet been activated. The activation email was sent immediately upon your first order. Please look for the email titled ''[Action Needed] Activate your account'' from in your email inbox to complete your account activation. From there you should be able to log in! If you can't find it, please email us at to have it resent to you



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